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Zach Hulet, President

Starting in 1997 Zach Hulet was the Chief Water Survival Instructor, Rank of Sergeant, for the United States Marine Corps (USMC). He was responsible for training and maintaining First Aid, CPR, Combat Water Survival Training/Qualification and Remediation Training to USMC Lieutenants, Warrant Officers, Foreign Service Officers, USMC Reservists and other USMC staff at the Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA. Zach was responsible for enforcing The Basic School Combat Water Survival Directives and Standard Operation Procesdures. As Senior Water Survival Instructor he was accountable for all of the safety, training and recreational gear assigned to the facility. This included inventory control, ordering supplies, gear maintenance, health & safety inspections, facility knowledge and light maintenance.

Once his contract with the USMC was up in 2005, he joined forces with a very well known and established Lifeguard Management Company in Richmond, VA area. Zach wore many hats while he was with the company. He was accountable for hiring, training and certifying Lifeguards, Swim Instructors, Pool Managers and Supervisors. His tasks also included scheduling of guards and managers that managed commercial pools while overseeing the health and safe operations while keeping up with client relations. He also taught Lifeguard Instructor Training Programs overseas in the Czech Republic and was responsible for getting the Exchange Students set up here, in Virginia with everything from Visa's to Apartments to Transportation.

During the summer operation season Zach, mentored, trained and supervised 400 quotes. In addition, his responsibilities included the Company Newsletter updates, coordinating inventory control for commercial pools (ie. first aid supplies, chemicals, staff, safety equipment, etc.). Zach Hulet also provided direction and facilitate safety meetings, supervisor’s monthly meetings and reviewed accident reports.

Now he has decided to go out on his own and start his own company! With years of experience, and hands-on doing, he is confident his company can help your pool run smoothly during the pool season.

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